तलाठी भरती 2017

महाराष्ट्र तलाठी भरती 2017
तलाठी भरती 2016 अभ्यासक्रम

Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil already take the decision to recruit 3084 Talathi in the State. Minister take a decision one talathi will be available for six villages, so that the work will be completed smoothly and fast for the villagers. At present total 12,327 Talathi are working in Maharaashtra State. After the new 3084 Talathi recruitment it will be 15,411. The new vacancies of Talathi may be filled in the month of Sept.2017.
Division wise Talathi Position –

Division Present strength of Talathi New sanctioned Talathi vacancies
Konkan 1,391 744
Nashik 2,063 689
Pune 2,496 463
Aurangabad 2,474 685
Nagpur 1,634 478
Amravati 2,267 025

Source- ABC Majha News

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