General Knowledge Exam Paper for RRB,SSC,NDA exams

General Knowledge Exam Paper for RRB,SSC,NDA exams



1. Which of the gas is not known as a greenhouse gas ?

A.        Carbon dioxide

B.         Nitrogen oxide

C.        Hydrogen

D.        Methane

Answer : (C) Hydrogen

2. laughing gas is ?

A.        Carbon Monoxide

B.         Nitrous oxide

C.        Sulphur dioxide

D.        Hydrogen peroxide

Answer : (B) Nitrous oxide

3. The gas usually filled in electric Bulb is?

A.        Oxygen

B.         Hydrogen

C.        Carbon dioxide

D.        Nitrogen

Answer : (D) Nitrogen

4. Milk of magnesia contains?

A.        Mg(OH)2

B.         MgCo3

C.        MgSo4.7H2O

D.        MgCl2 .6H2O

Answer : (A) Mg(OH)2

5. The average salinity of sea water is?

A.        3 %

B.         3.5 %

C.        2.5 %

D.        2 %

Answer : (B) 3.5 %

6. Which one of the following is a polyamide?

A.        Teflon

B.         Polythene

C.        Polyester

D.        Nylon

Answer : (D) Nylon

7. The metal ion present in vitamin B12 is?

A.        Cu

B.         Mg

C.        Co

D.        Fe

Answer : (C) Co

8. Which one of the following metals is extracted through electrolysis?

A.        Silver

B.         Iron

C.        Aluminium

D.        Zinc

Answer : (C) Aluminium

9. Allotropic form of Diamond?

A.        Sulphur

B.         Silicon

C.        Carbon

D.        Germanium

Answer : (C) Carbon

10. SI unit of temperature?

A.        Rankine

B.         Celsius

C.        Kelvin

D.        Fahrenheit

Answer : (C) Kelvin

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