Railway Assistant Station Master Bharti Exam 2016 paper No. 14

Railway 3rd April 2016 Second Shift General Knowledge Question Paper


Sr.No. Question Answer
1 “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher” is quote by? Dalai Lama
2 India got freedom on 15th August on which time? Night
3 Who is young surgeon of India? Akrit Pran Jaswal
4 Which is most abundant natural combustible gas? Methane
5 What is bicameral system? A system of government in which the legislature comprises two houses.
6 Make in India Logo designed by? Wieden Kennedy
7 Sikkim became state in which year? 1975
8 Which is Largest Fresh Water lake in India? Wular Lake
9 Where is Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra is located? Ajmer, Rajasthan
10 Foundation Year of Arunachal Pradesh? 1987
11 What is vivipara? hat produce their young alive
12 1896 Olympics held first time at? Athens, Greece
13 What is WLAN? Wireless Local Area Network
14 Who is the author of Malgudi Days? R.K. Narayan
15 What is PNR? Passenger Name Record
16 Who was Carl Marx? The German philosopher, revolutionary economist
17 What does BESK Stand for? Binary Electronic Sequence Calculator
18 What is Oneirology? scientific study of dreams.
19 What is Sighmo? Festival
20 Limerick is? A five line poetry
21 What is LIGO? Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
22 Currency of Bhutan? Bhutanese Ngultrum



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