Railway Recruitment Board Exam Paper 10

Railway 2nd April 2016 First Shift General Knowledge Question Paper


Sr.No. Question Answer
1 In which Olympic year did women participated in all events for first time? 2012 London Olympics
2 Which monument was built by Shah Jahan in Delhi? Jama Masjid
3 Sri Lanka got Independent in which year? 1948
4 The term “Wood shot/Hairpin shot” is associated with which sport? Badminton
5 Fastest acting anti-rabies injection was developed by which country? India
6 Study of organisms and their environment? Ecology
7 Which country got Independence in 2011? South Sudan
8 The image formed on the retina of human eyes is? Real and inverted
9 Who designed the building of the Indian Parliament? Sir Edwin Lutyens
10 Currency of Korea? South Korean Won
11 Cultivation of saffron is done in which state? Jammu and Kashmir
12 Which planet has no satellite? Mercury and Venus
13 From where our Indian Constitution has borrowed Emergency provision? Germany
14 If we double the resistance of wire, the effect on voltage would be? Voltage would get decrease
15 Which recently discovered creature lives without water for 10 years? Kangaroo Rat
16 River Brahmaputra doesn’t flows in which country? Myanmar
17 Which country would host 2019 Rugby World Cup? Japan
18 X-rays was discovered by? Wilhelm Roentgen
19 First man who reached outer space?   Yuri Gagrin
20 Periodic Table of elements was invented by? Dmitri Mendeleev
21 King Ashoka belonged to which dynasty? Maurya dynasty
22 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place in which year? 1919
23 Scientific name of Human beings? Homo sapiens
24 Capital of Gujarat? Gandhinagar
25 What is minimum age required to become PM of nation? 25 years



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