RRB CBT exam 2015 question paper 7

Railway 29th March 2016 Third Shift General Knowledge Question Paper


Sr.No. Question Answer
1 Which of the following is not a green house gas? Hydrogen
2 Largest boundary shared with Bangladesh? India
3 Which country hosted 2015 World cup? Australia and New Zealand
4 Who is international World cup tennis winner of 2015? Novak Djokovic
5 Right to Information act came into force from which year? 2005
6 Who is republic day guest to India in 2016? Francois Hollande
7 Zika Virus is caused by _____. Mosquito
8 Kailash and Malala got noble prize in which year? 2014
9 Which among following is colourless and odour less gas? Oxygen
10 Mars Orbiter Mission (Mom) mission year? 2013
11 Environment day is celebrated on _____. 5th June
12 Who is called as Bismark of India? Vallabhbhai Patel
13 World No tobacco day is celebrated on _____ 31st May


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