RRB Computer Based Test 2016 exam paper No. 12

Railway 2nd April 2016 Third Shift General Knowledge Question Paper


Sr.No. Question Answer
1 Jayakwadi Dam situated on which river? Godavari
2 What is the invention of Shiva Ayyadurai? E-mail
3 Who was the first ODI Caption of Indian Cricket Team? Ajit Wadekar
4 Where the Indian flag hosted by Defence Minister of India in 2016? Pahari Mandir (Ranchi)
5 Administrator of Union Territory? Lt Governor & Administrator
6 World Economic Forum Summit 2016 held on? Davos (Switzerland)
7 Colour of solid Iodine? Purple
8 1st Nobel Prize in Literature winner? Sully Prudhomme (French)
9 Last Mauryan Dynasty? Brihadratha
10 Ph value below 7 is marked as? Acidic
11 Golden Temple is situated on which river? Ravi River





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