RRB Computer Based Test Question Paper No. 8

Railway 29th March 2016 Second Shift General Knowledge Question Paper


Sr.No. Question Answer
1 Father of geometry? Euclid
2 Bhimbetka caves are approximately how many years old? 30,000 years.
3 DPT full form? Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
4 Kamarup kingdom is in which state? Assam.
5 Which river flows through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu? Kaveri
6 Zika virus spread by which mosquito? Aedes mosquito
7 Radar full form? Radio Detection And Ranging.
8 Berlin Wall demolished in which year? 1989
9 Swej Nahar is in which country? Egypt
10 Which language use ideographs? China and Japan
11 2015 TIME person of the year? Chancellor Angela Merkel
12 SPM full form? Suspended Particulate Matter
13 Chief justice of India retirement age? 65 years
14 What is graphene? Allotrope of carbon.
15 Oscar winner director from India? Satyajit Ray
16 Tallest building in world? Burj Khalifa
17 Who gives oath to the President? Chief Justice of India.
18 What is tomato? fruit
19 No. of medals for India in 2012 Olympics? 6 medals.
20 Lemur are found in? Madagascar.
21 Maximum gold in olympics by which person? Michael Phelps.
22 Chemical name of Baking soda? Sodium Bicarbonate
23 What is Umami? 5th basic taste of tongue
24 Highest grand slams winner male? Roger Federer
25 Chandrashekhar Limit is applied to? Mass


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