RTMNU BCA Sem IV Paper 2016

Nagpur RTMNU University BCA 4 Sem Web Technology 2 paper Summer 2016

Bachelor of Computer Applications Semester IV Exam Web Technology II Paper

Paper No. TKN/KS/16/5979  (BCA Paper V)

Maximum marks – 50 Time – 3 hours


Note – All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. Draw neat and labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

Question 1 –

Either –

(a) Explain various methods and properties of Document object in Javascript with example.

(b) What are different loops used in Javascript ? Explain any two loops with example.


(c) Explain string object in Javascript. Also explain any two functions in it.

(d) How does window object work in Javascript? Explain.


Question – 2

Either –

(a) Explain Custom Tag Library in JSP with example.

(b) Write note on elements in JSP pages.


(c) Explain JSP Life cycle along with example.

(d) Explain JSP object scope in detail.


Question – 3

Either –

(a) Explain subroutine and functions in VBScript.

(b) Write a program in VBScript to find largest among three numbers.


(c) How would you add VBScript code to HTML? Explain

(d) Write a note on checking site with site reports in VBScript.


Question – 4

(a) Explain WSDL structure along with its elements.

(b) Explain REST based web service with an example.


(c) Explain web service scenario with suitable diagram.

(d) Write a note on SOAP based web services.


Question -5 – Attempt ALL questions.

(a) Explain any two properties of Navigator object with example.

(b) Explain any two standard JSP actions.

(c) How arrays works in VBScript? Explain.

(d) Draw and explain structure of SOAP message.

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