Talathi Job Responsibilities

Talathi posts comes under the Revenue and Forest Department of Maharashtra Government. Duties of Talathi are as follows for implementation of Maharashtra Land Revenue Act, 1966 –

(1) Representative Role – Talathi is the representative of the Maharashtra Government. He has to work with the microscopic vision. Talathi has to perform his duties such as Land Administration, Government Recovery and Public Relation, as professional and competent officer.

(2) Executive Role – This is the regulatory role. This includes, enforcement of Government Rules, regulation and Acts. While performing his duties, Talathi also has to keep the public informed about various Government policies, Schemes, Acts and Rules, and legal sanctions in case of default.

(3) Role of a Coordinator – Coordination at village level among various Government Departments such as police, agriculture, health, land records, gram sevak by keepingĀ  continuous liaison with them and also cooperate to solve particular difficulties, for prompt implementation of various government development schemes. In fact talathi is truly the leader of the government administration at the village level.

(4) Facilitator and role as a social welfare – This role of talathi is very important. In that, he is supporter of the needy and helps the correct beneficiary. He honors the citizen’s rights and facilitates to solve the problems of general public.

Besides performing the basic duties of talathi, he also has to play a vital role in implementing various government schemes such as –

(1) Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Anudan Yojana

(2) Sanjay Gandhi Swavalamban Yojana

(3) Indira Gandhi, landless, old Agriculture labour assistance scheme

(4) Tri Card Yojana

(5) Extension of Gaonthans and provision of house sites

(6) Zopadi (Hut) Insurance Scheme

(7) Baliraja Suraksha Yojana

(8) Social Security Scheme

(9) Annarpuna Yojana

(10) National Old age Pension Yojana

(11) National Family Benefit Scheme

(12) National Maternity Benefit Scheme

(13) Jijamata Mahila Adhar Vima Yojana

(14) Maharashtra Shramjivi Family Welfare Scheme

(15) Employment Guarantee Scheme

(16) National Distorts Assistance Scheme

(17) Scarcity – Remedial measures

(18) Crop Insurance Scheme

(19) Crop Cutting Programme

(20) Small Saving

(21) Selling of Loan Bond

Revenue Department is the oldest Department of the Government Administration and in the agrarian society, role of the talathi as a land administrator is highly important at village level. Land is considered as the most important resource in the development process. Land has the pivotal role in the development process and the entire process revolves around the revenue and land records.

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